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A popular choice for band students thoughout the area, the clarinet seems to know just how you feel. With such an expressive voice and tone, the clarinet is a necessary dynamic in many musical settings. Plus, it's easy to transport! With such a direct link to your emotions, the clarinet chooses its player. If a clarinet is calling your name, let us exceed all your rental needs!

INSTRUMENT WARRANTY/CARE OF INSTRUMENT: New Instruments include a manufacturer’s warranty. While under Contract LESSOR agrees to cover rental instrument against defects (excludes strings, reeds, and other items considered accessories). CONSUMER is responsible for keeping instrument cleaned and in good condition. Cleaning supplies and instructions are included with each instrument. CONSUMER assumes responsibility for all repair and/or replacement costs if optional insurance is not chosen and maintained. LESSOR makes no warranties except as specifically stated in this Contract.


CONSUMER may purchase additional insurance on the instrument. This insurance coverage is maintained only until the instrument is returned or paid in full. Insurance coverage includes accidental dropping or mishandling of the instrument, loose or defective parts, vandalism, and theft. The optional insurance coverage does not cover abuse, vehicular accidents, willful damage, misuse, neglect of the instrument, missing or lost parts. Contract must be paid current for any insurance repairs to be made on the instrument while under this Contract. Instrument must be returned to Chesbro Music Co. for inspection for an insurance claim to be made (except in case of theft). In case of theft, a police report must be filed and a copy of the report submitted to Chesbro Music Co. Insurance claims must be filed with Chesbro Music Co. at 327 Broadway, Idaho Falls, Idaho or 257 N 2nd E, Rexburg, Idaho within 5 business days after damage or theft. A loaner instrument will be permitted while the insured rental instrument is repaired. The repair work and repair center must be authorized by Chesbro Music Co. Insurance fees are non-refundable and nontransferable.


Instrument Price Insurance per month
$0.00–600.00 $4.00
$600.01–750.00 $6.00
$750.01–1250.00 $7.00
$1250.01–1750.00 $9.00
$1750.01–2000.00 $10.00
$2000.01–2500.00 $13.00
$2500.01 & above $20.00